As night approaches in the land of Singapore, two children were waiting outside for their parents after having attended taekwondo lessons. Soon, they spotted a familiar car that stopped at the dojo’s shelter, it was their parents’ car. Opening the door, they greeted their parents and buckled their seatbelts. As they left the dojo, one of the kids asked their parents why they were undergoing taekwondo training.

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In response, the mother replied that it helps to improve themselves both physically and mentally. In this article, we will go into further detail on the advantages of learning taekwondo for kids

1. Maintaining Health and Good Physical Condition

With the introduction of modern technology, human society was forever changed. However, in the last few years, it has been noted that more people, including children, have been adopting a sedentary or non-active lifestyle. Plus, with the appearance of Covid-19, the sedentary lifestyle was further encouraged as people held online meetings to fulfil their tasks.

Median% of Different Age Group lifestyle

Age GroupMedian% Meets Physical GuidelinesMedian% leisure-time exerciseMedian% sedentary lifestyle
18 ~ 2984%40%,48%,
30 ~ 3973%20%41%
40 ~ 4970%17%38%
50 ~ 5970%21%31%
60 ~ 7971%23%23%

A sedentary lifestyle can have several negative effects on the human body.
Risk includes having a higher chance of:

To prevent such risk from occurring, it is recommended for kids to be physically active during their youth so that their body can be healthy and strong.

taekwondo classes for kids in Singapore

Therefore, by allowing kids to attend Taekwondo class Singapore, not only will they be able to fend for themselves, but also get a good workout for their body. To be specific, as the martial arts focuses on the users performing repeated actions of different kicks and strikes, it helps to develop the child’s muscle, stamina, and flexibility. This development is beneficial to them growing up as their body becomes stronger and reduces the chances of a physical injury or sickness.

2. Develop a Positive Mindset

When it comes to executing the different types of techniques, Taekwondo requires its user to have confidence. For instance, when a user performs an advance kick, they need to keep their balance, and if they do not have confidence then they would fall. In other words, by teaching kids taekwondo, it will allow them to gain confidence which boosts their self-esteem. Plus, as their body and self-esteem continues to develop, it will decrease the chances of depression as they gain a positive outlook and attitude about themselves.

kids learning taekwondo in Singapore

Not only does Taekwondo build confidence, but it also enhances the child’s concentration. Like most martial arts, Taekwondo helps to foster discipline within its user. Whether it be learning a new technique, or sparring with another individual, taekwondo requires the user to have a high level of concentration. Though it will require time, kids who have attended taekwondo classes will be able to concentrate when required. This can be helpful during class when they have to focus on a task.

Moreover, as soon as the first lesson begins, taekwondo teaches its students to show respect to their fellow classmates, instructors, and anyone they meet outside of class. This will allow them to be able to interact with almost anyone and is also essential for their future.

3. Acquire Skills for the Future

Taekwondo doesn’t just improve a child’s physical and mental condition, but it also equips them with skills that can be utilised in their future. In fact, taekwondo with its sets of tradition and philosophies can foster the development of a kid’s leadership skills.

One skill that taekwondo helps a child develop is their reflexes. In a previous statement, it was mentioned that taekwondo requires its users to have high concentration. By developing that concentration along with the child’s physical body, the by-product would be a better reflex. Careers like Police officers, firefighters, pilots, or paramedics require people to have quick reflexes in order to respond to unpredictable scenarios. As such, developing reflexes would not only be useful in everyday life, but it can be useful for future careers.

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Nevertheless, successfully solving unpredictable scenarios would require the ability to handle the stress that is presented. Same goes for taekwondo as attending a class or sparring with others, needs proper stress management in order to succeed. As a result, the child learns how to identify and handle the different kinds of mental stress that occurs in everyday life. This allows them to understand the source of the stress and how they can mitigate it during the early stages of their youth. Including the scenarios that are unpredictable, managing stress is useful when handling projects that puts a lot of pressure on the employees.

In addition to gaining quick reflexes and stress management, taekwondo can help to improve one’s social skills. In fact, learning taekwondo isn’t a sole effort, it requires other people to learn and master the arts. Such people tend to be the instructor and classmates attending the same Taekwondo classes. By attending the class, the children will learn how to communicate so that they can help each other to reach their common goal, improving the child’s social skills. Furthermore, as they train with each other, the children will be able to experience failure, and learn to recover by being humble.

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Applying for taekwondo can act as an early exposure to S.M.A.R.T goals for children and a way to be proficient in them. As soon as the child begins their first class, at the same time they are setting up a long-term plan for themselves. As taekwondo allows the child to attain new skills, they have to devote time to discipline themselves to mastering such skills. With each class, the child will have a specific goal to learn a new technique which is not only measurable, but it can also be achieved in a realistic time.

As a result of developing quick reflexes, stress management, social skills, and plan management, the child is able to develop their leadership skills as it requires them to have good communication skills, a strong mental endurance, and have integrity.

Leonard taekwondo master teaching kids taekwondo

In conclusion, Taekwondo for kids Singapore will not only provide children with taekwondo training to defend themselves, but also helps to develop their body physically, improve their mental well-being, and equip them with skills that will contribute to their future.

With their question answered, the children looked forward to attending their next taekwondo lessons as their parents drove them home.

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