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The students of Taekwondo for kids in OP Academy

Kayden picked up Taekwondo 2 years ago which trains him to be very focused. Taekwondo also helps in the development of his strength and flexibility. Coach Leonard is very patient and highly qualified! In every lesson, he imparts the skill of Taekwondo and his students enjoy and reap the benefit of the sport.

Parent of Kayden

Under guidance of Coach Leonard, Kayden has achieved two double promotions!

Lucas enjoys his Taekwondo lessons at Op Academy because he finds it fun and he has made some good friends. He likes the sparring sessions and learning about self-defence. He believes Taekwondo has instilled better discipline and confidence in him. Taekwondo has also boosted his fitness levels!

Parent of Lucas, 9

Lucas always looks forward to attending Taekwondo classes every Thursday!

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